"Blessed is she, who has believed, that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished." Luke 1:45

About Me


Here are some random things about me...

I am first and foremost a woman who has committed her life to following Jesus. This means I recognize and understand that I am a sinner (which basically means that I am not perfect, make mistakes, and always will.) and that I need Jesus as my savior. Sounds simple, and it is. And it is also life-changing and amazing and challenging; and I love every second of it!

I have been married to my White Knight for fifteen years and have two beautiful children. I do not profess to being a woman who has the whole marriage and parenting thing figured out. As a matter of fact, as I move along the timeline of my life, I become more and more aware of all the things that I don't have a clue about! All I know is that God has given me a good man, a very honorable and loving man, to be my husband, and I am very thankful for that. As for my children, stick around for awhile, you will see my love, frustration, pride, fears, hopes and dreams for them.

I recently made the transition to full-time stay at home mom. It is challenging and not a little stressful. I think I love it!

Over the past several years God has been growing a love of the creative arts in me, and is starting to give me outlets to grow and use this talent. I am excited to see what will happen over the years to come.

I am involved in the women's ministry leadership at my church. Because of the amazing women in my past and present, I know how important it is to have women walking alongside me through life, and how important it is to have those been-there, done-that, now I'll show you relationships. Because of what these women have meant to me, I can't imagine not offering up what gifts, talents, life-experience and testimonies I may have to help other women experience the same encouragement and hope that I have received.

I teach in our children's ministry every week. It is amazing how much God can teach you when he asks you to share His word with children. You get the benefit of studying His Word, getting new and fun views on "old" Bible stories, and the excitement of children experiencing the wonders of God for the first time. If you want to get fired up about your Bible, kids ministry is the place to do it!

I love to clean.

My user name, Seesaw Faith, came from watching my husband and son play on a see saw. I noticed how it didn't matter who was up or down, that the middle never moved. It held everything in place. There was still times when someone would be up, then down, but the middle never moved. I thought, "Wow. That is like God. I have highs and lows in my life, but God never moves. He is always in the center holding me up." And thus, Seesaw Faith was born.

I am addicted to television. I watch whole series of shows in marathons. I am a night owl, so after the kids are in bed, I stay up watching things online. It is an addiction. If you are wondering about the White Knight, he is one of those annoying morning people. He likes to go to bed early and be up early. God truly does create opposites to complete each other!

I can not tell the difference between books and breathing. They are both vital. I will always have at least two books that I am reading. One that is supposed to make me a better something or another, and a great fiction book for when I can't take any more of trying to make myself a better something or another.

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