"Blessed is she, who has believed, that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished." Luke 1:45

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shhhhh...He's speaking

" ....our days are meant to tilt and we are meant to spin and He holds us perfectly on this axis of rotating glory." ~ Ann Voskamp

What with becoming a stay at home mom (most of the time) part-time Special Events Coordinator for my old employer - a crisis pregnancy center, a Pre-K princess who didn't go to Pre-K and now needs to be entertained/challenged/educated/encouraged toward a little more independence by Mommy, a Jr. High football and basketball playing all-boy who is testing the limits of well, everything, a new dog, writing my first teaching workshop and working in children's ministry teaching kids how much you can learn from the greedy kid in the pig pen and how amazing it feels to throw a little hip-hop into your worship time... I sometimes feel a little dried up in the inspiration department.

OK, here lately, not sometimes....it's been a drought.

Then rain.

Drops to refresh and inspire.

To remind.

To encourage.

To incite to create.

Yes, life should be. 
                                      Can be. 

                                                                          Will be.

This blog posting from Ann Voskamp moved me in ways I don't really understand, and yet were so profound.  Her simple, quiet, faith-talk that makes you wonder how anything could be as complicated as we make it. I haven't been able to remove that talking from my mind.

 I don't think I am meant to. 

I think I was meant to find this offering, this day, for this reason.

To remember how intimate and personal and amazing God is. 

I do believe I had completely forgotten.

I can't explain why what Ann wrote has made me feel like God was talking to me, but it did. And does.

It feels lite as a feather...

and full of Light. 



Fall-ish in it's anticipation of beautiful, colors-bursting-forth change.

Yes, a one-piece faith and experiences and fragrances spoke to me today. 

God got me all quiet, and in the quiet...He spoke.

Go let it speak to you, too.

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