"Blessed is she, who has believed, that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished." Luke 1:45

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Never Give Up

A three-word phrase divided into thirds and then
expounded upon...

(Yes, this is supposed to be posted on Thursday, but I am horrible about remembering to do even the most daily activity, so this is really pushing it, but at least I got it done before I have to do the next one! :)


Most notably, I SWORE I would NEVER get pregnant again after I had my son. After being horribly uncomfortable the entire last trimester, massive swelling (men's size 13 sandals anyone? UGH!) post-partum depression, and just generally struggling with being a mom for the year that followed, I knew I would never want to go through that again. Enter God. Yep, you get your life right, your walk right and your marriage healing, and lookey lookey what God can do. Abby is a true blessing for a woman who was to NEVER be pregnant again.


I love to give. Might not be much, but I am definitely a giver. Everyone thinks that my love language is gifts but it sure isn't! I love finding out things about people, little things like favorite color, beverage, hobby etc. and then give them little gifts of encouragement when I think they need a little pick-me-up. I like sending cards for no reason. I like giving my friends treats. I love to leave milkshakes in the freezer at my friend's office for her to find. It sounds like I am really generous, but the truth is, I LOVE making people happy. It is totally selfish. I like to see the reactions, those are my favorite part. I wish I could say that I didn't need the gratification of knowing that they were so happy/surprised/pleased/encouraged. But I do. ah well.


I am always up way too late. I stay up because I love the alone time. I should be a good homemaker and clean or organize, but usually I just blog, watch videos or TV-online, take long baths, read or otherwise be very self indulgent. I hate that I stay up until the wee hours to get my alone time, but at this stage of my life, with my hubby, my kids, working and working in my ministries, it is what I have so I work with it. I generally write all of my blogs between 11pm and 2am. :) I have been more faithful to get to bed early the majority of the time, but sometimes I just need a little "stay-up" time.
Thursday 3somes are so much fun! Head on over to Wild Olive Shoot and meet my friend Leslie to join in!


Shanda said...

"Never Give Up; Never Surrender" popped into my mind - I think it is from some Sci Fi movie my husband likes -but not sure.

Our Littlest One was a blessing after I made that same "Never" comment. Praise God He knows best!

Tara said...

Never - same for my little girl. Positive test the NEXT morning.

Loved this!

Leslie said...

Thanks so much for joining in! And who cares if it's late-- that's the story of my life, so it is quite fitting that people are late with the meme ;)

Great post! I could have said the exact same thing for up :)


Miss G said...

This is a neat meme. I am so glad that you enjoyed your visit over at my blog. :) Thanks. What FUN wild and crazy things you & your mom shared! So neat! And yes, dancing in groups DEFINITELY counts! I like your thoughts on the chair too and thanks for the idea of "items missing their families" on clearance! I like a good deal. :) Have a great week! Yea for summer! Kelly