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Friday, August 7, 2009

Front Porch Sittin'

My new bloggy friend Lynette has started a fun little party over at her blog. It is just a good way to meet people and find new blogs to visit.

She talks about knowing your Friends and how women used to sit on the front porch just sharing life together. You know, there is so much truth in that. Growing up, I can remember my mom sitting over at our neighbors house. We used to stop next door on our way home (if Mom was there visiting) and be put to work, usually shelling beans or sweeping the front porch. Front porches were just as much a part of our friendship culture growing up as the kitchen table.

So, when I saw this invitation, I just had to join in. the whole purpose is just to tell "10 charming, interesting, fun things about you", just to get to know each other. Sounds fun!

(No, not my porch, but a girl can dream can't she?)

Here are my 10 things you wanted (or didn't but will anyway) to know about me.

  • I grew up in Southwest Arkansas. I still consider myself a southern girl, with all the genteel-ness that is implied. Sipping sweet tea, owning a crystal deviled egg serving dish, saying Ma'am and Sir and having doors opened for me are a natural and expected part of a southern girls life. Every time I have the chance to head south, I get so excited. There is a different atmosphere and pace to life in The South, and I truly miss it.
  • I devour books like chocolate. I never have less than two or three that I am working my way through at any given time. I keep a fun fiction book for my bath-time. I keep something that challenges me to place God deeper in my life in some way (marriage, parenting, personal growth, finances), a Bible study. Sometimes I overlap, sometimes I speed through one and neglect the others. I am pretty sure I would wither away without reading.
  • Decorating my life is a passionate hobby. My home, my yard, scrap booking, cooking, crafting; the list goes on and on. I love to find ways to let my creative side out, although rarely does the finished product look anywhere near as beautiful as it does in my head.
  • I love my son and I enjoy him and watching him grow up as been a pleasure and an honor (remind me I said that when he hits the teen years!!) but there is something about my daughter that connects with me and keeps me a gooey, in-love mess. (remind me I said that when she hits the teen years!!). I always thought that it was just Daddys that were wrapped around little girls fingers, but no, Mommys fit just fine too.
  • I watch waaaay too much TV. I adore quirky shows. My favorite TV show is Chuck. Or is it Fringe? Wait, no, it is definitely Dancing with the Stars. And the Bachelor. And Bachelorette. And Bones. And House. I can't forget Biggest Loser or NCIS. Thank goodness I am a confirmed Night Owl and there are tons of shows on line. It is actually the middle of the night when I watch the majority of shows.
  • I love meeting new people and experiencing new things, but I am absolutely terrified of having to go to a place I have never been. I don't know if it is the fear of getting lost, of looking like I don't have it all together, or the uncertainty of going a new path, or even a combination of all of those. I have tried over and over to get past it and still struggle with it.
  • I can listen to music 24/7/365. It is the ultimate way for me to connect with God and praise him. I am listening to music right now. (You Belong to Me by Grey Holiday if you want to find them and check them out!)
  • I am a sympathy crier. If I see tears in someones eyes, hear that little quiver in their voice or even if I imagine that they are close to crying, my waterworks kick into high gear. I also cry at any and every Hallmark commercial, The old Christmas commercial for Folgers where the little girl comes down the stairs and finds her brother home for Christmas ("Peter!") , great songs, movies, books (The Last Valentine took me three hours to read the last three chapters. I had to keep stopping to let my vision clear from the torrent of tears), and finally, I have seen this movie about 20 times and still sob like I am unbalanced when Shadow appears)
  • I don't know how to sleep without my cat. I have had one since I was 7.
  • When I go to the zoo (and I mean every.time.we.go) I pretend to be the Crocodile Hunter when we get next to the croc display. I do the voice, I crouch down and "sneak up" on my prey, I make up completely ridiculous facts and generally run my family off. It is so much fun!!

Now, Go see Lynette and post your own list!


Shana said...

Saw you on the porch linky from Lynetes and stopped by. I love your blog and am also an avid reader. My hubby always asks me how in the world I can read 3 books at once and not get confused as to which is which. I just laugh and tell him because they are all different...lol. I am a southern girl too and all of the things you listed are everyday life here in GA.

Mel-Pie said...

I stopped by from Lynette's and loved your facts! I am completely with ya on the sympathy crying! I can't hold it together if someone else starts crying, even if I don't really know them.

I bet you sure do miss the South! I'm not sure that I'll ever be able to move away!

Debbie said...

I really enjoyed your list of 10 and getting to know you better. I am also an avid reader and I watch way too much TV in the evening. I love NCIS and Bones too. But I really like So You Think You Can Dance even more than Dancing with the Stars. I love how you describe your southern roots. I'm originally from NY so I enjoy hearing cute southern accents. And I really like your porch. I know I posted a porch I would dream about on my porch list. Isn't Lynnette fun and creative? I love joining in.

cupcake studio said...

Really enjoyed your blog this morning! So glad you said HI over at cupcake studio :) (And...a butter butterfly!? Now that's cool!)

Lynnette Kraft said...

YOU ARE AWESOME! :) I love that you do the Crocodile Hunter! That gave me a good laugh! Oh, and I remember that commercial (Peter!). You're too funny. :)

I cry easily too. In fact last night I watched Win a Date With Tad Hamilton and cried about 4 times. It was so sweeeeeet.

This was a totally fun porch visit. Thanks for inviting me.

Your new Chum,