"Blessed is she, who has believed, that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished." Luke 1:45

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Unique Communication

I just wanted to share something I have learned about myself. Maybe it will strike a cord with you as well, maybe I am just sharing something that God has done in my life and you really can't relate, but you want to join me in thanking Him. Either way, thanks for stopping by!

God gives us all gifts. They are as individual as the person that he gives it to. It may look like the same gift. Say, writing, or singing, or creating art. But you will notice subtle differences. Styles and quirks that make it unique. These gifts are a blessing because they are our own individual way of glorifying God. No one will be able to create something exactly like we can. Even if someone was able to recreate something we had made, there would still be subtle differences, even if it is just in intent and meaning. Gifts are amazing things.

I also believe that God gives us all a unique way to communicate with Him.  It is only my opinion, but I think I might just be one to something here!

I have a friend that prays like nobody's business. If I am going to be in a prayer group, I would choose her group every time. It is like nothing I have ever heard before. Her prayers are so beautiful because she knows that she is at the Father's feet and he is engrossed in every word she says. I have seen her prayer walk through the toughest neighborhood in Chicago without once feeling fear. Only the assurance that she and her God were together, loving these people that she would never even meet, but that God would. I have listened to her lift others up in prayer, and I have listened to her glorify and praise and worship the Father for the great and mighty things He has done, and most importantly, just for who he is. Every one of these situations brought tears to my eyes.

I have a friend who finds God in the order and work of her day.  She serves God and uses her lists and notes to communicate with God. Who to pray for, what work needs done, struggles she needs to work on, things to let go of.

I have a friend who can take a song and transform it into a visual story through dance. She has brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart because I had the pleasure of watching her praise God with the abandonment of dance. Taking the words and melody of a song, and transforming it into movement and emotion with the only intent to glorify God is an amazing thing to see. I have to admit, I am a little envious of her ability.

I have many bloggy friends whose writing can bring me right to the feet of God, hurt and heal my heart, bring tears or shouts of joy or laughter, and shows in every word that they write for the King. His glory. His honor. His love.

I think the way that I communicate with God the best is through songs. Not ones I write necessarily. I don't write. That takes too much discipline! I just love to sing. My whole life is a sound track. I have songs for all of my greatest moments.  Songs stir emotion and memory in me faster than the blink of an eye. My ear and my emotions and thoughts are tuned to hear God speaking through the songs I hear. To give an example: I was so frustrated and overwhelmed a couple of weeks ago. I felt so little and disconnected from God. I had let situations and things beyond my control become the only thing I could see. I wanted to quit. A lot of things. I let people wear me down until I had nothing left to give. I was at work and had KLOVE streaming on my computer. I had not really been paying attention, I just wanted the noise in the background. I was so stressed and at a loss that I couldn't seem to get the tears out of my eyes. Just when I thought I had put my bitterness to rest and could move forward, someone asked me about the situation that hurt me. It all came rushing back. It seems I hadn't let anything go after all. I felt so alone.

Right at that moment, Remember Me by Mark Schultz came on the radio.

"And age to age 

And heart to heart 
Bound by grace and peace 
Child of wonder, Child of God 
I'll remember you 
Remember Me"

Isn't it amazing how God can break your heart day after day, and all you want is more of it? It was the sweetest thing in the world to know that God was close enough to see my tears, and loved me enough to talk to me through this song. I was so thankful and grateful, I cried all the way through. I thanked God for his timing and reminding me that this is just a moment, and that he has never forgotten me or left me alone.

The very next song was this:

I kid you not. It really was. There was so much refreshing in my soul. I am still humbled by it.

God was reminding me that there is a long way to go before this struggle is past, but I am NEVER alone, and that there is always a mountain ahead. 

You will see that many of my posts contain songs or lyrics to songs. I wasn't kidding. God really does speak to me through songs, and I never feel closer to him than when I am singing praises.

How awesome is God that we even have our own unique communication, us to him, one on one?

I hope you were encouraged by this post. I hope that if you don't know what that special communication is, that you would start to seek it. God will communicate with us in all ways, and we with him, but there will be that one special way that is unique to you and him alone.

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