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Monday, April 28, 2008

Nothin' Excitin'...Sorry Folks

Not much exciting has happened the last few days. I think I am really really thankful for that! It seemed like we were in this cycle of super busy, always running never just BEING. Over the past few weeks we have made a consious effort to spend time at home, getting housework caught up, spending time with the kids, doing a few home improvement things. I am so much happier! I try and try to be a goer and doer but I am really a home-body. I like to nest in my little space in this world and come out occasionally to meet with friends and to do something for someone else. I am sure that sounds pretty boring but it is what makes me happy!

We have almost gotten the living room painted. For those of you that don't know, it was chocolate brown. I loved it when we painted it, but it got darker and darker 'til I felt like I was in a cave all the time. We have now painted it a very sunny, muted yellow. It is so pretty and so warm and inviting. It has opened up the room and made it feel so much more inviting. I LOVE it! We have picked out a really pretty vanilla cream color for our bedroom (currently moss green). I have a dusty teal blue comforter set all ready to go. It has cream, gold and brown circles all over it. My friend April and I are getting ready to do a surprise room makeover for my hubby. I will post pictures when we get it done.

Kevin has started baseball practice. Once again, he is practically twice the size of all the other kids. *sigh* I know I need to just get used to it. Anyway, he is really excited about playing and I can't wait to see him. He made so many improvements last year. And, now that I have the new camera, I am all ready to be the proud mom!

Abby has some kind of sinus/allergy thing going. I feel so horrible! I think she is going to have my crappy immune system. I pray not! She doesn't act sick, just wanting some extra cuddles. Man, it's a rough job. :) She is starting to cruise the furniture. I am so proud of my girl but I wish she wouldn't hurry through all this stuff. I know how fast time flies and she isn't making it any easier!

Bob and I are doing pretty well. We have had some good conversations and we are working our way to working on a budget, but neither of us wants to. We know there will be lots of bill left at the end of the paychecks. We are just going to have to buckle down more. I have already cut back on the extra youth group stuff. It doesn't seem like much but if you sit down and look at everything we do in a month, it really adds up!

Well, that's about it for now. I will get pictures of the living room and bedroom posted as soon as they are done.

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