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Monday, May 25, 2009

Blogger Appreciation Week

Blogger Appreciation Week

My friend, Daveda, is hosting a "Blogger Appreciation Week" this week. I am excited to join in and hope that you will as well! Whether or not you intend to join into the "Blogger Appreciation" portion; I hope that you will consider visiting the wonderful women noted in this posting.

How to join in the fun:
  • Title one of your posts from May 25th-June 1st "Blogger Appreciation Week"
  • Share why you blog, why you like to write, how reading the blogs of others has touched your heart, what God has done in your life through blogging, etc.
  • Tell us about some of the special people you have meet
  • Include the titles to one or two of your favorite post so that those visiting your blog for the first time can read them. After you have posted, go to Daveda's blog (Grace talk with Daveda) and enter your link into Mr. Linky!
  • The next step is to visit the other blogs on the Mr. Linky, and make sure you LEAVE A COMMENT of encouragement! Tell others how their blogs have touched you and what you liked about their writing, their life...etc. If you read through other postings and have a comment please leave ALL comments under the "Blogger Appreciation Post" just name the other title related to your comment, this way we can all read through, and you will be sure that blogger sees your comment next week. If you like what you read become a follower and make a new friend! We all love new friends!

Here's a little about me

I started blogging because my friend April had a blog and told me how fun it was. I wasn't sure what exactly I would blog about, or really even the purpose for it. After looking at a few others I decided it was to be like an on-line journal. My entries were few and sporadic to begin with. I wasn't sure exactly what to say, what to write about or even if it was something that I wanted to do.

Something funny happened. I discovered that I loved trying to put into written word what I was going through, feeling or struggling with. Who knew!? (OK, we all know WHO knew...HE knew).

I generally don't have an issue struggling with talking about what is going on in my life. I like to talk about what I learn from the Bible, what God is doing in my life, and how much I love Jesus, so that's what I decided to talk about.

I arrived at the title focused on the center because I am all about ups and downs. This is especially true in my spiritual life. It was during this time that I figured out that if I kept my focus on God (the center of all I am) then no matter if I was in an "up" season or a "down" season, my center would be steady and unchanging. What image better demonstrates that then a see saw (thus my user name, SeeSaw Faith).

I have been genuinely amazed at what God has been able to do through my blog. I have had great conversations with women from all over the world, I have had the honor of visiting other blogs where I have been able to witness awe-inspiring stories unfold, and I have grown spiritually by working to put my life in paragraph form.

There are women that I would love to meet face to face one day. Until then, we blog, e-mail, pray and praise together over the world wide web. Here are just a few...

My friend Shanda at A Teachable Heart. She has such a gentle and funny soul. There is so much richness to be experienced when you drop by to visit her.

I have a kindred spirit over at Giggles 'n Gulps. Not only is Tara someone who would TOTALLY be on my short list of late night girlfriend giggle fests, but she has a great, random way of glorifying God in ways that I never think to look for.

I have just discovered Susan over at Runner Mom. She has lots of things in common with the P31 woman, but in a really real, totally relevant, entertaining and learn-from-it kinda way.

Chatting at the Sky is really opening up to me how to really SEE the people in my life. To KNOW why they are there, and how they work together with me to make up my life; you know, the story that GOD is writing. Emily writes in an simple, eloquent and touching way. Sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, sometimes inspiring quiet. Her photos are beautiful, as is her soul.

I have to admit...I read The Preacher's Wife because I can get some really good insights into what might bless my own PW. Sure, she is my friend, but sometimes I want to be able to support her and bless her without having to dig it out of her. That's why I started anyway. But once you start reading Lisa's blog, you see how real, talented and passionate she is. Not just at her calling as a PW, mother, wife and friend, but as a woman who wants to honor God.

In my right hand column is a list of blogs that I visit, as well as several links to memes that I participate in. Each is home to a wonderful woman who seeks to glorify God and the work he does, but in many different ways.

There ya go. Several women who will bless you in many ways. Each is so very different, but we are all united in our love of Christ and trying to figure out just what our place in the Plan is.


emily said...

Thank you for these kind words! well, I don't know what to say. I am blessed that you would include me on your list. A gift today, indeed.

Crissie said...

Good for you for thinking of Emily! She has impacted SO many of us by encouraging us to slow down and see the beauty all around us.

Thanks for sharing!


Shanda said...

I'm so glad you are a part of Blogger Appreciation this week! Thank you so much for your sweet words!

I will look forward to visiting the others that you mentioned!!

Tara said...

Ahhhhhh, thank you! You are so sweet to include me, wow!! What a fun, neat post - I look forward to checking out these other blogs when I get home to Florida, too.
I'm all about an all-night gigglefest!! Let's go! I'm bringing Benny & Joon. Oh, hey - the scene I just thought of that wasn't on your list in that post - the one in the end where he's on that rope swinging by the hospital window, classic...remember that one?