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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Nots

So, I haven't really updated you on the whole "just life" moments going on around the SeeSaw home. Here are some of the what nots that have transpired over the last few weeks.

  • I turned 33. My Dear Hubby likes to rub it in that I am older than him, but I take comfort that he is only a few months behind me.
  • Bob was able to get a new garage door at a super cheap price. We now have a functioning garage again! It is so nice to be able to put Abby in her car seat when it is storming without being drenched in the process. Plus, the old garage door had bowed out so that it looked like we had so much junk in there that it was about to bust the door off. Kinda embarrassing. Now there is no indication of how much junk we have. ;)
  • I am getting close to finishing the redecoration of our living room. We have a large red sectional and dark woodwork and hardwood floors. To keep the room from being too dark I painted the walls a very soft yellow and then used bright colors of marine blue and Illini orange to brighten it up. I only have a few things for the wall and a new rug and this room will be done!
  • Kevin was Paul Revere in a living wax museum at school. He had to memorize a one minute speech (which with his learning difficulties was done with very hard work!) All the kids in his class lined the hall and had an "on" button next to them. Their classmates, parents and teachers could then press the button and they would give their speech. I thought this was very creative and wish I could have seen it (I had to work but the Hubby got to go. He said Kevin did a great job!)
  • Kevin has also started baseball. This is his first year of kid pitch. He is doing well. He is one of the few kids on his team that has a pretty powerful arm, so he is in outfield. Not a lot of action, but he does a good job. His batting is consistently improving. It has been hard to switch from machine pitch to kid pitch, but he is getting better at calling the ball as it is coming.
  • Abby is growing waaay to fast! She is really smart. One of her favorite things to do is sit on the couch and play with her flash cards. She is also in love with the "pick up, pick up" game. Singing the words in a cute little voice.
  • OK, I KNOW that everyone says their kid is super-smart, but Abby really is!
  • she is also in the middle of an allergy/sinus infection. After three days of gooey eyes and runny nose she managed to vomit mucus all over me. That's when I said enough is enough and took her to the Dr. for meds. Praying she is back to full health soon!
  • I am still at Loving Arms. I have been struggling with working as many hours as I do. I would really like to cut them down but haven't seen how that will work yet. I just know that God did not give us the gift of our kids so that someone else can raise them.
  • I just had my colonoscopy and it came back clean. I don't have to reschedule again for 5 years. YIPEE!
  • I am still struggling with the high blood pressure when I work out. As long as I don't do anything that requires bending too far or face-down work like push-ups I don't do too bad. It is just another frustrating thing about my body that really gets to me.
  • I went to the medical supply store and got my order turned in for my compression socks. Yes, I have to wear them because of the swelling in my legs.
  • I would like to have a full body transplant please!
  • I am working on a batch of Amish friendship bread. Tara, does that count as homemade bread?
  • Bob and I decided to go on a second honeymoon next year since we didn't really have a first one. Just a few days in St. Louis. I really want to go to a lot of places so am struggling to figure out where to go. Plus, I have an almost-phobia of new places. I LOVE doing new things and meeting new people, but going somewhere that I have never been and not knowing how to get around absolutely terrifies me. I think I am going to have to try to trust him to do the planning. Everything I plan to do scares the living daylights out of me so I have to quit!
  • I think I am very close to getting my hubby to take dance lessons with me!

Well, I think that is about it for now. School will be out in a few days and we are planning a few fun things over the summer. Kevin will be on a rotating schedule of Nana and Papa's house, day camp and time with Mom (Tuesdays, my day off!:). Bob and I will be going to camp with the youth group next month, Kevin will be going to camp for the first time in July (gasp!), we are planning a trip to Indianapolis to go to the zoo and children's museum and possibly a weekend away for just me and the hubby (oh to dream big dreams!). I will have lots to update over the summer. Just pray that this summer DOESN'T involve any more trips to the ER for Kevin!

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Tara said...

oh yum!!! the friendship bread totally counts!! Sounds SO yummy! How did it turn out??