"Blessed is she, who has believed, that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished." Luke 1:45

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Made from scratch

a three-word phrase divided into thirds and then expounded upon. . .


: Made by hand. I love to make things by hand. My scrapbooks that I spend waaaay too much money on. Casseroles. the environment of my home. bows for Abby. Decorations for my front door. It's the little touches that I make myself that make my house my home. I put my heart into the things I make and take great joy in providing for my family through my creativity. Sure, most of the stuff I make is flawed in some way, and it almost never turns out like I envision it, but the meaning and my desire to create for those I love is in every single thing. If I can find that much meaning in the things that these little flawed hands can make, how much more overwhelming is the amount of love that was poured into our home by God? His hands are perfect, and he creates nothing with flaws. It is perfect in his eyes. I like to look around my little section of the earth, what I call home, and see all the little special touches that God places there for me.

: Seeing "Where it came from". When Abby gets a little stubborn, I know where that came from (ya, it's me :). Watching the way that Kevin moves and his physical gestures and habits, I know where they came from (his dad). My love of planting, and then killing said plants, that came from my mom. I get my sense of humor from my dad. I have my mom's hands. Kevin has his dad's build. Abby has my curly hair. There is a sense of continuing on when I see something of me or Bob in our kids, but there is a huge sense of comfort when I see something of my parents in me. When my mom passed away I felt like I lost a huge part of myself, but finding little bits and pieces of myself that came from my mom helps me to stay connected to her.

: One of the worst scratches that I have ever experienced was when my cat was sleeping peacefully on my chest with his paws and head resting on my shoulder (yes, he is a HUGE baby). My hubby came in and slammed the door and scared the tar out of said cat. He dug his claws into my shoulder and launched himself off of me, leaving huge cat-scratch welts on my shoulders and stomach (those were from the blast-off of his hind legs). Those scratches and welts burned and itched for a loooong time. I still remember it clearly and that was about a year ago.

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Leslie said...

I was reading your SCRATCH part and just had to look down at my kitty (one of four) accusingly. They are so guilty of this!

Thanks so much for participating, I can't tell you what it means to me! And its exciting that all 4 of us so far are Christians, so each post has something to do with God-- I know He's getting a kick out of it too :)

And I'm so glad you had fun doing it! I think it's a lot of fun too. Come back next week, and maybe I'll actually finish my post ;)


Tara said...

Love it! The part about "from" - that is so sweet...wow. Precious.