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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sounds like...

I had never really thought about blogging about things that happened a long time ago...the pre-blog years as it were. But, you don't know about it, so why shouldn't I?

Thanks to DeeDee for giving me this great idea, as well as the most hysterical example! You have to read it here.

The following took place when Kevin was about 5 years old...

Kevin has cousins that are how-ever-many-times removed. They are twin boys named Sonny and Butch. He didn't see them very often so he never learned to tell them apart. To get around this, when he wanted to get one of the boys attention, he would say "SonnyButch", combining the names into one.

One weekend we were at their house and they were all playing together when Kevin fell and hit one of the boys with his mouth... shoving his two top front teeth up into his gums and turning the tissue around them black.

That week we got him in to see a new dentist that specializes in children. When she asked what happened he told her he fell on SonnyButch. Well, when you have the diction and pronunciation of a five year old boy, as well as using a name that you made up, it doesn't really sound like SonnyButch. It sounds more like "Son of a b***h".

Ya. It sounded pretty clear too.

The dentist's head whipped around and she looked at us...then she looked at him again and said "You fell into who?" "SonnyButch" was the reply from my cute little blond-headed child (once again, sounding exactly like Son of a b***h).

It took a few moments for it to sink in...I heard "SonnyButch" because I knew that was what he called them...but if you didn't KNOW the phonetic quirks of the child in question...well, can you blame her? I was immediately mortified and could feel my face turn red. A sure sign of innocence, right?

I than began The Parent Back Peddle.

"He actually IS saying Sonny-Butch", I told her with a forced little laugh. Then I launched into a long and rambly explaination of the story, and then focused on the "can't you see the hilarity" disclaimers. Of course, the situation was funny, but you could tell she was trying to decide if she wanted to believe me or not.

Then, (I do think this is my favorite part), she looked at Kevin and said...

"Is that really what you said?"

That is code for "Is your mommy telling me the truth, or is she really teaching you to speak in profanity with abandon? I'm not sure if I can trust her yet, but you, cute little kid...well, you'll spill it because you are too young to know to lie about something like this."

After my five year old son came to my defense and cleared my name, amazingly enough with a simple head-nod and "uh-huh", she determined the damage and we have been patients of hers ever since.

We also worked with Kevin on using the word "or".


Kelly's Ideas said...

very funny - I remember the days where I could understand my kids but others could not.
thanks for the laugh!


Anonymous said...

Love your blog design! Fun stuff here!

Thanks for your comments on my faith post at exemplify. I once heard from Jill Briscoe that God is constantly doing 1,000+ things around us and we are blessed if we even notice just ONE. So, rest assured that God is moving in your faith life.