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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Ambulance and ER Fun

Kevin just won't listen.

We have told him over and over...

"No more ER visits until we have paid for the other ones first."

Why couldn't he wait?

Bob called me yesterday afternoon as I was on my way into town to pick up one of my high school girls and asked me if I had talked to anyone at the park. I said "No, Why?" He said "Because Kevin got hurt. They've called an ambulance. That's all I know." Then he said, "Hold on, I'll call them and call you right back."

Hold On? HOLD ON? My baby is hurt and an ambulance is involved and I am to HOLD ON?

I discovered I do have a talent for praying and texting at the same time. I texted two of my friends to start praying for Kevin. Then the phone rings again.

"Go to the hospital." Is what Bob says. Oh sure, I am SO not panicking now.

The high school is on the way to the hospital so I pull into the drive and there is Dani right there waiting (Thank You God for perfect timing!). She gets in the car and keeps me distracted with chit chat on the way to the ER. I get there before Kevin does and there is one of the daycamp workers. Thank you Jesus that she started talking with the phrase "Kevin is going to be fine." I am pretty sure when I heard that I finally started breathing again. Kevin was getting a ride in the ambulance because they couldn't get ahold of us. Otherwise we could have driven him.

He was trying to push up out of the side of the pool instead of using the ladder and both hands slid out from under him. He gashed the bridge of his nose and hit hard enough to have a pretty intense nose bleed. They immediately called for the EMTs and started trying to figure out just what was injured. From all accounts the pool staff, lifeguards and daycamp workers were very quick and very calm while helping Kevin out. I have it on good authority that Kevin was the calmest blood-covered kid they had ever seen.

Here is a picture right after he got out of the ambulance.

He is still taped to the back board and wearing a C collar. He is familiar with the collar since he had the concussion last year.

I actually really dislike this picture. He looks scared and I hated that he was. He stayed super calm and tried to be really brave but I was a mess. I hate seeing him hurt and upset.

This is right after he got the stitches. Three if your counting. I think the adrenaline was starting to wear off because he got a little upset and fussy. I would too if someone had just stuck a needle repeatedly into an open gash on the bridge of my nose. You can see his nose is swollen and discolored but it wasn't broken.

This is the morning after. His eyes are lookin' pretty rough this morning. Double black eye! He hasn't complained of any pain (Lord knows I probably would have been a blubbering baby) but it sure looks like it hurts!

I am just thankful that it wasn't any worse than it was and greatful that God put the people in Kevin's path that he did. On of the college-aged guys from our church is a life guard out there and he called his mom to have her pray for Kevin. Pretty great friends we have, huh?

So ya, I am tired of him not listening. When I say wait until we pay this one off, I really, REALLY mean it this time, buster!

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On Purpose said...

What a trooper Kevin is!! The morning after picture looks pretty "owie" to me.

Hey maybe you could convince the ER to give you a rewards card or something for frequent visits!

I know I will be asking for one...I have two little boys that have just started to show their "true colors" as boys. Climbing, jumping, and exploring their strength and abilities!