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Monday, August 4, 2008

Fun and scary right at the same time

Do you want to know some scary but right insights about yourself? Go to this fun quiz and answer just a few questions.

Thanks to The Preacher's Wife for posting this fun idea!

My results are below. I wonder how many of my friends agree with the "slightly off balance" comment.

Shannon, you are moderately right-hemisphere dominant and have even preferences between auditory and visual processing, traits that might make people perceive you as "slightly off balance."

You are most likely to be slightly disorganized, a "dreamer" and a person who focuses more on the end result than the immediate task at hand. You are creative and spontaneous if somewhat lacking in direction and focus. You are a learner who is generally patient and a person for whom time is an ally, not an enemy.

You are more passionate than most people with regard to life and learning and recognize your own intuitive abilities. You have sufficient goal-direction to satisfy yourself and guarantee success without being or feeling driven. You are willing to be reflective about yourself and others without getting lost in rumination.

The balance of your sensory modes allows for both learning and expressive capabilities achieved by few. You are active and "seeing" while retaining an equally strong propensity for being reflective which slows you down a little but allows for a more comprehensive perception and analysis of situations and problems. You do not spend excessive time analyzing since you mostly trust your perceptions.

In all likelihood, you have a tendency to overcommit and cannot under- stand why others get upset since you operate on a different "time table" than they do. Your organizational abilities are frequently overwhelmed by the stimulation seeking and active nature of your mind as well as by the tendency to create new categories and gloss over details, making categorization and classification almost impossible at times.

To the extent that your career path allows for creativity and abstraction as well as a bit of disorganization, you should find yourself equipped to handle any learning that is required. Your own personal adjustment to your style should come naturally although you are likely to feel frus- trated by your own limited discipline and often wonder "Why?"


ccoker said...

Could you resubmit that to me in bullet points pa-LEESE? (Just the facts, ma'am!) LOL :)

On Purpose said...

Hello Shannon,

I am visiting your blog via Lysa TerKeurst today.

I wanted to pray for you and your husband on this new faith walk with your finances...how scary it is. What strength it takes to let go. May you see just how big God is through this.