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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kevin's True Colors

Well, we made a decision about Kevin. He has been off his ADHD meds for about six weeks now and has leveled out to his "normal" activity level. (I will admit that the first two or three weeks that he was off of them I didn't know if I would be able to handle it, but we seem to have all come through ok!) We talked to his teacher at school and she said that he has not been disruptive or more challenging than any of the other kids so....

We went to the Dr. on Thursday and he said that he thought it was a good idea to see what he does without the medication for a while longer. We are excited. It isn't a big deal if he does end up going back on them, but for now, it just seems to be a little hurdle that we have jumped.

We are anxious to get his first spelling test back. This is the very first one of the year and we didn't do anything about getting him put on a special list. Last year he was on a easier and shorter spelling list than the other kids. We tried to have him do the regular list half-way through the year but he told us that it wasn't the one he does and wouldn't even tried another one. This year he hasn't even been given the option. He thinks he did really well so we are all waiting to get it back Tuesday to see how he did! I admit to bribing. For every word over 10 he gets right he gets a dollar. That could be five bucks a week, but if it inspires him to try even a little harder we will take it.

We are also waiting to see how the aditory input disorder works without the meds. For all we know it may get better. Why oh why can't there really be a "every question answered" parenting book?!

It has been nice to have Kevin at his orginal best. His true colors if you will. The medicine doesn't change his personality all that much, just makes him a little quieter 'til it wears off and he doesn't eat as much until around 8 at night but it is just nice to know it is all him.

Pray that we can get a handle on everything and we can keep this even keel at school without having to go back on them!

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