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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Anticipation Level Rises

Well, we are headed back to Six Flags tomorrow. This time it is just Bob and Me and Kevin. This will be Kevin's first time at Six Flags so I am really scared and really excited. I hope he does well with the rides. We are praying for no rain and short lines. Not much we can do about the heat though. It's the mid-west in summer. It is seriously humid and not a little hot.

I am praying my foot does ok. I have devised a very ugly but effective taping method for my toe which seems to support it and keep it pretty immobile. The post-op shoe just makes my arch cramp up so I am only taking it along in case my toe really starts to hurt.

I am planning to pay the completely outrageous price for one or two of the roller coaster pictures (assuming Kevin will ride them). I think those would make great scrapbooking pages and will be a much better view of him on his first ride than I would be able to get. I will of course be getting pictures of him strapping in for the very first time (hopefully. They have developed some really strict rules about taking out your phone or camera in the line).

I am hoping this will be a great day for us to re-connect. We have not managed to get on the same page this summer. Lots of arguing and yelling and disrespect. Not just on his side, I am pretty sure I have been a really bad example on respecting others where he is concerned.

Abby will be spending the day with a friend so we will be focusing all our attention on Kevin, something that hasn't happened nearly enough lately.

Please pray that we have a great day together as a family.

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April said...

You guys are going to have a great time! You have been tagged. Check out my blog!