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Thursday, July 17, 2008

New color from head to toe

So, a woman needs change every now and then, right? A little something to shake things up and help her feel vibrant. I have been feeling a little washed out lately. I needed a little change. A "spark" if you will. I decided I would color my hair. This is a labor of love for me because I change my color all the time and so I put a lot of thought into matching my hair color to things like season, mood, attitude etc. I have been light brown for quite a while and so I decided to fire it up with a little bit of red. What do you think?

Next are those lovely red "patches" on my legs. After all, they are a new color on me.

The photo doesn't do them justice. They are actually a little bit darker. Anyway, I did decide to go to my family GP and make sure they were nothing serious. Apparently they are busted blood vessels. Blood work is out to check my platelets but other than that she said that it was probably from all the walking/heat/swelling during the youth trip to Six Flags. I do have an appointment with a vascular surgeon in September to check my circulation and do a few tests. My legs should be back to normal in a few days.

Finally, I have a brand new color. I just got it this afternoon. I was in such a hurry to get home, get changed and head back out that I was not really paying attention to using a little skill I like to call spatial judgement. While trying to run up my front step I mis-calculated where to put my foot and slammed my little toe into the wheel of Abby's stroller. By the lack of immediate pain, I knew that when it finally did start to hurt, it would really HURT! I was quite right in my thought. I have found that the more clearly you pronounce the word "ouch" and the more ways you find to liven it up, the more satisfactory it is. "O-U-C-H" OW-OW-OW-OW CH!" "OWCHY OWCHY ARGH!" Anyway, I am pretty sure I have broken it. I have swelling, a nice bruise and no mobility.

Once again, the photo doesn't do it justice. The purple is much prettier in person!
So, there it is. How I do vibrant in my life. Creative huh?

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