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Monday, July 28, 2008

The End of the Baseball Season

Well, Kevin is done with baseball for this season. He had a great summer and got to play in the all star games. Their team didn't win the tournament but they did win their first game, and they had a lot of hits and plenty of RBI's.

Kevin played short stop for the tournament and really liked it. He got to catch three pop flies. He said that was a lot of fun. He was once again really great in the batter box. He gets a hit every time at bat, and manages to score most of the time too.

He really showed a lot of improvement this year. It was a rocky start with the fractured elbow but he luckily didn't have to miss much and got right back into the "swing" of playing.

We live in a small town, only two teams in Kevin's age group, but we travel around our area of the state and manage to have a pretty good season.

Bob really enjoyed assisting the coaches this year. He loves hanging out with the kids and getting to know other parents in our town better.

I am so proud of Kevin for doing his best, and I know that his dad is too.

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