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Saturday, July 12, 2008

A-Z Me

I copied this from Micca's blog. Check out her blog in my links!

A is for Age
32...I loved wavin' "see ya" to my twenties

B is for Burger of choiceRight now
My hubby grills the best burgers

C is for what Car you drive
I drive a Ford Focus ZX5

D is for Dog’s name
Nikita...I was in love with the show "La Femme Nikita" when we got her. She's part german shepard, part chow. Very sweet and loves my son. I think she is too tired to try to train Abby so she just ignores her.

E is for Essential item you use every day
99% of the time I never leave the house without eyeliner and mascara

F is for Favorite TV show at the moment
Summer's pretty boring for TV (we only have 4 channels) but during the fall/winter season I love Bones and House

G is for favorite Game

H is for hometown
Texarkana, Ar.

I is for Instruments you play
Not a one, but I always wanted to learn to play the violin

J is for favorite juice
Don't really drink it. Sometimes I get orange juice but it has to be Simply Orange. That stuff is like eatin' an orange off of the tree!

K is for who you’d like to Kiss
My hubby and the kids

L is for Last restaurant you ate at
Darcy's Pint (Home of the world's best ponyshoes)

M is for favorite Muppet
Snuffluffugus (I have NO clue on the spelling of that)

N is for Number of piercings
4 ~ two in each ear. I really want to get my upper ear pierced but I have heard that really hurts so I will just keep wantin'.

O is for Overnight hospital stays
Three – one for Kevin, one for Abby and one for kidney stones.

P is for People you were with today
Family, co-workers, my dear friend Missy and her parents and a bunch of people at the county fair

Q is for what you do with your quiet time
scrapbook or read or work on lessons for the small group I teach.

R is for biggest Regret
That I didn't sit down and have a face to face chat with my Mom about the really important things before she died. I do know that she loved me and I loved her and that we were friends. I just hope she really meant it when she said she was saved. I have to wait 'til I get there to know for sure.

S is for Status
Married for 11 years

T is for Time you woke up today
7:30...I didn't hit the snooze!

U is for what you consider Unique
they way that I love each of my kids

V is for a vegetable you love
I love summer veggie mixes...squash and zuchini and carrots

W is for Worst habit
Not staying focused

X is for the number of X-rays you’ve had
I have no idea. There have been that many.

Y is for Yummy food you ate today
Grilled cheese and a salad

Z is for Zodiac sign
Taurus: sign of the bullheaded...and boy, ain't it the truth!

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Jerralea said...

Loved your list!

I hadn't thought about the game NERTS in a long time ... I always lost when I played.

What's a ponyshoe?

... Jerri