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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Update I Forgot to Post

this is a follow-up from my Color from head to toe post.

I forgot to let everyone know that yes, I did break my toe.

For those of you who don't know me well, I always assume, not just the worst, but the bizarre and crazy as well. I decided to go to the doctor, knowing full well that the only treatment for a broken toe is taping it to the next toe (buddy taping). I was worried when it broke the bone went crooked and would heal in a weird way. So, yes, I have X-rays. Not only did I break it, it is broken diagonally. The doctor said that it might take a little longer to heal that way, so I am taping for at least another five weeks. I am hoping to get some tennis shoes on in the next couple weeks. No, nothing weird or bizarre. Just broken.

Also, for the busted blood vessels: they went away. Then they came back when we took Kevin to Six Flags. Now they are gone again. The NP said that she thinks it is from walking so much while at Six Flags. She did schedule me an appointment for a vascular surgeon in September. If nothing else I will hopefully find out why my lower legs, ankles and feet are always swollen. I am fully expecting the broken blood vessels will be back by the time we get back from Six Flags tomorrow. (What? You didn't know that I was going AGAIN? Oh, yes! This time with the Jr. High kids in our youth group. Glutton for punishment? Probably!)

Finally, yes, I am still loving the red hair. It has faded a little but is still plenty red. I still feel sassy as well. I don't know why I feel better when it is red, but it has always been so. Maybe it just makes me feel more true to my Irish roots, or maybe it is just handy to let people know that a temper is contained in here. Whatever it is, I just like it red.

so, there it is, the exciting and important update.

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