"Blessed is she, who has believed, that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished." Luke 1:45

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I don't know what is going on that God would choose to immerse me in such confirmation of his love.

But oh YES, I will take it.

it truly is a romance. I get so excited when I hear from him. He pursues me with passion and joy. Just hearing from him makes everything seem OK. He keeps popping up, just to tell me he loves me. He has sung to me, written me letters, and turned up in the strangest places. He is in songs, books, magazines, movies, TV shows, the people I meet, and in the very quiet of my heart.

If I could make you truly believe and accept one thing, it would be this. It doesn't matter how long you have known God, a day or a lifetime; God wants a passionate and intimate relationship with YOU, yes, YOU! From the first second, to the last breath, he will be pursuing your love.

You can walk away, run away, become indifferent or enraged. You can tell him no, tell him you hate him, tell him he no longer is allowed in your life. You can do all those things and he will still be there, pursuing with love, compassion and patience.

You see, God loves who we are underneath even what we know of ourselves. We see the now, but God sees what was, what is, what will be. Most importantly, he sees what HE intends. We each have a Divine and unique purpose and plan. His passion for us, placed inside of us, to fulfill his plan for our life. You see, WE are part of his plan.

And God's plan is perfect.

No matter how far away you think you are, or what you've done that you think is too bad, or too much; it's never too late.

You see, God's pursuit of you will never end. Not until the day that we see him face to face, and spend our eternity right where he wants us to be. With Him.

THAT is the most Divine of romances.


Shanda said...

Amen. Such an amazing thing isn't it?!

Tara said...

Amen. Love this. I always feel like I am pursuing God - and yes, there is truth to that - but likewise, its comforting to know that He pursues me. So comforting...