"Blessed is she, who has believed, that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished." Luke 1:45

Monday, February 23, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesday ~ Dollie

I have a great friend. She has been there for me with wisdom and reality when I was lost in my own world with no answers in sight. She is a friend that will always have a minute, even when she really doesn't have a minute.

Dollie is actually the first "sister" I met after I was saved. I walked out of the office door and there she was, with a big smile and a congrats.

I think the best word to descibe Dollie is real. She is just as willing to admit to her own faults and struggles as she is to call you out or lift you up in yours.

She has, not taught, but demonstrated, the importance of being real in your friendships. I know I can trust her to be truthful with me in our conversations and that is the most important thing to me when building a friendship.

It is not always comfortable or easy to admit to the real you, but she does it. She uses her life to help lead and guide many of the women in our church, and I count myself richly blessed to have her in my life.

She is the administrator of our church, and so I am generally confident where to find her. I try not to visit too often, but sometimes the only thing that I know to do is go spend some time in the chair in front of her desk. I have laughed, cried and learned so much from that chair.

I love my friend Dollie and I wouldn't trade our friendship for anything!


Janice said...

Visiting from A teachable Heart.
I wanted to read your Titus 2 Tuesday. I love good friends. It is amazing how the Lord can send a friend whenever we need one.

Lora said...

Dollie sounds wonderful :0) I love hearing all these stories!

Shanda said...

I love those that we can learn from just by being around them. It can be so much more powerful than words at times!

Way to be bright and early! I'm still praying for the teen that you mentioned and for the family.

Have an awesome day!!

April said...

Ditto. She is an AMAZING woman. And "real" is a great word to use in describing her. Compassionate is another one that comes to my mind. :)