"Blessed is she, who has believed, that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished." Luke 1:45

Monday, February 2, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesday ~ Beth

Today I want to share my friend Beth.

This may not be a big thing to you but it just made me feel so blessed that I have my friend.

I was speaking for the first time Saturday night. It was very short, only five minutes, but I had been very nervous for about a month.

My friend Beth, who I could write a book on and will share more about in a future post, was going to be there, not only to be with the girls, but to be some spiritual support for me.

I got a call about two hours before time to leave. It was Beth. She was appologizing to me because she was ill and had a terrible headache and couldn't attend. She wanted me to know that she was thinking of me and that she was supporting me.

How cool is that?

My dear bloggy friends, THAT is the kind of support we should all show each of our girlfriends. Even though she needed the encouragement and comfort, she called to give those things to me instead.

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Shanda said...

True friendship is such a gift! I pray daily that my children will become friends like Beth and that they will have true friends like her throughout their lives!

Thank you for joining in! I couldn't agree more that if it is 2 or 200 that it is worthwhile!

Dana-from chaos to Grace said...

awwwww...that is so sweet!!