"Blessed is she, who has believed, that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished." Luke 1:45

Thursday, January 22, 2009

10 days of Bob ~ Day 4

Today I want to tell you how Bob is my Jesus with skin on.

The best example I have of this that really shows what I mean is an experience I had while delivering Abby.

My epidural did not work properly so I was partially numb and partially natural. The natural part hurt. A lot. A whole lot.

Right before I begin pushing, when I had another contraction hit, I thought to myself "I can't do this. I CAN NOT do this! I need you Jesus. I can't do this. It hurts too much. I can't hear you. You said you would be with me and I can't hear you."

Right then, I heard Bob. He was telling me that I was at the top of the contraction and it would start to come down. He talked me through it and then praised me for holding on. I held his hand or he rubbed my back or shoulders or arm the whole time.

After I had Abby I couldn't hold her (meconium...she was being "observed") so I was looking around my room and just checking things out in between staring at Abby and waiting to hold her. I realized that there wasn't any monitoring equipment behind me. I asked Bob if there had been any thing back there during delivery and he said no. That is when I realized that he had been timing the arch of my contractions in his head so he could encourage and comfort me with exactly what I needed to hear.

All that time I was saying I couldn't do this alone and I couldn't hear Jesus? He was right next to me, timing my contractions and telling me that I COULD do it. God gave me my hubby to stand in for the times I need physical touch to comfort me. My husband was the hands and voice of Jesus that day, since Jesus couldn't be there in person. I WASN'T alone and I COULD hear His comfort.

This is just one of many ways that my husband comes through when I need Jesus with skin on.

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April said...

I've been reading the 10 days of Bob and enjoying them, but this one made me cry (even though I know I've heard it several times). I just love this story.