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Friday, January 16, 2009

10 Days of Bob ~ Day 9

Welcome to Day #9!

Today the thing I want to share about Bob is his strength.

From our very first date I was always aware of his strength. He has never been someone that is into working out just to look good. His strength is something that comes naturally from the way he lives.

He is always busy doing something. When we were dating he worked as a screen printer, then he worked in a department store in the stock room, then he begin to work with phone systems. That may not sound like something that would require a lot of strength, but he works on scaffolding, scissorlifts, in crawl spaces, hanging in elevator shafts (after that story I told him if he wanted me to remain sane I didn't want to hear the specifics anymore), and balancing on support beams. In his free time he has been known to build a thing or two, as well as completely remodel the house we live in, build some additions to his parents house, our son's playhouse, our great deck in the back yard and about a thousand other projects over the years.

He is a big guy (six foot six inches tall) and naturally has a powerful presence. That is one of my favorite things. I have never had a single second since we begin dating that I have ever felt anything but safe with him. One of the most important things that I looked for was someone who made me feel protected, and he has never let me down.

I am so proud of him because he uses his strength to help others. He has volunteered to help rebuild a house after it burned, make repairs to a house for a friend, he is usually one of the first ones called for work at the church and on our mission trip to Chicago he helped turn a garage into a youth center.

I love that he uses what God has blessed him with to bless others.

To go along with today's characteristic I have posted a picture of Bob and Kevin at the lumber yard getting the wood they needed to finish the remodel of the basement so that we could turn it into Kevin's bedroom. (Abby took over his old digs)

I can't tell you how many "date nights" we have spent at Lowe's. It's an us thing and it works.

See ya tomorrow!

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