"Blessed is she, who has believed, that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished." Luke 1:45

Sunday, January 11, 2009

TSMS ~ I'm Still Here

This week I am posting the song "I'm Still Here" by John Rzeznik. It is from the Disney movie Treasure Planet.

I really have felt this song this week. I don't know what aspect of it is really speaking to me right now but it has been what you would call "one of those weeks". I'm just tired and I really like the lyrics of this song that say:

And I want a moment to be real,
Wanna touch things I don't feel,
Wanna hold on and feel I belong.
And how can the world want me to change,
They’re the ones that stay the same.
They can’t see me,But I’m still here.

I think it goes back to the head knowledge that I don't need to look any further than God to know that I am all that I need to be, and that there is infinite value in that, but this darned flesh side just wants to feel known by the people around me. I want to be able to be real with the people in my life and yet sometimes I do struggle with the feeling that I am all alone in a crowd. I wonder, does EVERYONE struggle with that?

I guess you can find the spiritual in even a non-spiritual song because whenever I hear the line "Wanna touch things I don't feel" it makes me think of how I long to be able to touch Jesus, in whatever way that will be in once we are with him forever. Right now I have faith, but then I will have something that right now I believe in but can't feel.

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